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"Lilli is a very sensitive yet pragmatic homeopath. By gently exploring events in my life, she enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of the impact these life events have had on my physical and emotional health. Lilli’s treatment and remedies have had a very positive effect on my various skin issues which I originally sought advice for.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lilli to anyone interested in homeopathy.’"


“I found Lilli to be a very empathic listener. I felt she ‘got’ me and engaged fully with me and my circumstances. I think this ability to get to the heart of the kind of person one is, is essential to effective homeopathy. I have seen a homeopath before but did not feel the same understanding- and in consequence had less good results.

I saw Lilli on four occasions, and since treatment my insomnia is much improved. It’s as if my threshold for dealing with my anxiety and worry has increased. My dermatitis has cleared up too.

I would highly recommend Lilli to other potential clients.”



“Many thanks to Lilli for the professional, thoughtful care I have received. Her kind, compassionate, understanding nature has made it a pleasure to be treated by her.

One of Lilli’s strengths is that she really listens and is very patient in working with you, to find a solution, whilst taking great care to provide a treatment that is tailored to your needs.

Thank you very much.”



“I approached Lilli based on a positive personal recommendation. I had not considered trying homeopathy before but I was open minded about it.

 Following the death of my son last year, I felt trapped in a very anxious stage of grief, and I felt helpless. After only one consultation with Lilli, my life was changed remarkably. I felt more positive, my anxiety was lowered, I started to look forward to the future and my family noticed a huge difference. This has impacted my life in more ways than I can list, and I will continue to use homeopathy to improve my life. 

Thank you to Lilli for her gracious manner, her time and understanding”


"I was a bit uncertain about having a homeopathy consultation via Skype, but Lilli put me at ease and it was as if she was in the room with me. She is very approachable and her openness makes it straightfoward to answer her questions. She sent me the remedies very promptly and they arrived with clear instructions, great service!

I was in a difficult place on many levels when I started my treatment with Lilli but things are very different now. I have much more energy and am much more able to create the life I want - decluttering and letting go of things I have been holding on to which were keeping me stuck. I do feel I have come unstuck - in a good way!"


 “I am a singer in a quartet that competes nationally, but I suffer from stagefright which can affect my performance. On the recommendation of a friend I went to see Lilli. After an in-depth consultation I was given a made-to-measure remedy to help combat the particular symptoms of my stagefright.

Whilst I still have the obviously natural nerves during a performance, the symptoms that accompany them are much more manageable now. So much so that the quartet is actually winning medals now!”


"My 12 year old son and I have seen Lilli four times over the last year, during which time she has given us homeopathic remedies for our individual needs. When I first came to Lilli I was experiencing overwhelming levels of anxiety and my son was stuck in a negative cycle of behavioural problems. These issues had taken over every aspect of our lives and were absolutely exhausting.  Each time we saw Lilli she took the time to listen carefully and patiently to the current details of what we were facing, and she gave a great deal of thought to the remedies she prescribed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lilli highly to anyone experiencing emotional (and physical) difficulties in their life. After I have seen Lilli I always feel comforted, reassured and like I have had a boost to help me manage my symptoms."


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