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​The first appointment usually lasts ninety minutes (one hour for children), and subsequent appointments are sixty minutes (fourty minutes for children). 


You will be asked about your symptoms, and also about your health history and factors that may have contributed to this, your family health history, and information about you as an individual. All this contributes to gaining an understanding of you as a whole person, which is an essential part of the homeopathic treatment process. The process is collaborative and allows you to take control of your own health and recovery.


Homeopathic treatment is a process. The number of appointments you need will vary but it is usual to need three appointments initially, a month apart, after which time your progress will be reviewed. It may be beneficial to undertake further treatment after this, either at monthly intervals or less frequently. 

Free Taster Appointment
If you are interested in finding out how homeopathy could help you, please book a free no-obligation phone appointment.



First appointment (90 minutes) - £90

Follow-up appointments (60 minutes) - £60


First appointment (60 minutes) - £60

Follow-up appointments (40 minutes) - £40

Payment is by cash, cheque or BACS on the day of the appointment.

What The Payment Covers

The cost of treatment covers the consultation, remedies and follow up calls with any questions regarding your treatment.

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